These pieces are a glimpse of some of my favorite projects.  All of the pottery is food, microwave, and dishwasher safe.  There are more pictures of these and other pieces under the “Gallery” tab.  That tab also will show some progression and completion of some of these pieces.  If you are interested in purchasing one of my pieces please contact me.  I do make custom orders if you have an idea.   look forward to you feed back.
Most common questions
Do you make all of these?
Yes I make all of them starting out from a lump of clay.  Most are wheel thrown while my wall sconces and some tumblers are hand built.
How do you get the texture on there?
Most of my pots are textured with stamps that I have made myself from clay.  I also use some stencils and slip (really watery clay) to make raised designs.  Lately I have been working on using vinyl stickers to make some texture but really sharp detailed designs.
How hot does the kiln get?
 I usually fire to “cone 6” that is 2175 degrees
What is “T. Bock”?
 It comes from my name.  While being a dental hygienist, I didn’t want to cause confusion writing my initials “T.B.” on patient’s charts, and writing out Bockenstedt was way too long, so I kept T. from Theresa and settled in the middle with Bock from my last name.  And frankly, Bockenstedt is quite a mouthful!